Helping your business thrive

Flexible, expedited lending

Nimble, flexible and solutions focused lending

With zero bureaucracy we can say yes when other lenders say no and move quickly when they move slow


What our clients say

Cashflow Finance
  • Unlock the value of your accounts receivable

  • 24-hour payments, low discounts 

  • No property security necessary 

  • Debtor insurance included

Growth Finance
  • Special one-off fixed loans 

  • 1 to 5 year terms

  • Wide range of collaterals considered

Custom Solutions
  • Trade Finance

  • Supply Chain Finance

  • Invoice and Contract Discounting

Adam Coffey

The guys at THNCS are specialists at turning a no into a yes.  With numerous lenders I deal with, they are reliable and flexible in their approach.

Matt Crowe

With THN I can speak with the decision makers on my account directly.  That means we work through credit decisions together.

Andrew Morrison

I've been working with the THN team for the past 5 years now and their service has been exceptional from day one.

Why us?

Simple, connected, integrated lending.  

With THN Capital Solutions you have direct contact with your account manager and our credit risk team.
This means that we have the power to work with you to make every payment and grow your business.

Our team has over 50 years' experience in finance and financial management, and our team is dedicated to help you grow your business and enhance your cash flow position.


We Are:

Nimble and able to make quick decisions because we don't have layers of bureaucracy.

Fast, so you can have access to your money within 24 hours.

Committed to building a relationship with you to ensure everything runs smoothly now and in the future.