Cashflow finance allows you to unlock the value in your accounts receivable by paying you when you raise an invoice,
not in 45 days time. 
With high approval rates and no property security necessary, invoice financing is perfect for many different businesses.

24-hour payments, low discounts

No property security necessary

Debtor insurance included

Management and collections done for you

Credit assessment of your customers


How does it work?

We can advance up to 90% of your receivables ledger immediately,
giving you access to capital to continue growing your business.


Sale of goods or services


You invoice the customer


Copy of the invoice sent to THNCS


Funds to you within 24 hours


Customer pays invoice to THNCS
within normal trading terms


Balance of funds made available to you


The costs of an invoice financing facility are split into three components:
  1. Initial setup costs which include due diligence and legal fees

  2. Per Invoice fee which is a percent of each invoice that is funded

  3. An interest component calculated on the funds advanced

Each component is dependent upon the size of your facility and is decided upon early in the application process. 

Start your application now for an estimate.


Eligibility Criteria

  • You extend credit terms to your customers

  • You are an Australian Business with predominantly Australian customers

  • Your turnover is at least $750k per year