Who we help

Clients where the banks are saying no

We can help businesses that are experiencing difficulty obtaining funding from banks or other independent lenders. 

At THNCS, we take a wider variety of collateral than most lenders so we can unlock the value in your business and lend against it where others are unable to do so. 

This means we say yes more often and if we can't say yes immediately, we work with you to guide you to a position where we can.

Client X is a fabrications business who presented to us with a range of problems:

  • Their financier refused to increase funding support in line with their growing contracts

  • It was taking up to a month to get responses to requests to change their funding arrangements

We were able to assist Client X by:

  • Recognising the value in their unpaid invoices and moving quickly

  • Lending to them while accommodating large invoices that our competitor had refused

  • Paying out Client X's overdraft and becoming their primary lender